Net Worth Update – March 2015

Towards the end of each month, and if I have down time with work and family, I will post our net worth update.

Here is our current net worth:

March Net Worth

Not much to discuss re: trends over time, we are too new to posting, and this is the first Net Worth Statement we’ve posted.

Some observations:

(1) For Properties, we haven’t done any linking to websites and aren’t updating recurringly. We wait for our Annual Assessment and update accordingly.

(2) For the Investment Property, we understand it has likely increased in value by $40,000 – $50,000 since purchasing as a presale, but that’s not been included – we will update when we’ve closed and have our Annual Assessment.

(3) I’ve initiated a transfer of my Locked-In RRSP to WEALTHSIMPLE , which I discussed here.

(4) As I type this, I realize we haven’t included, ever, Ms. Frugaler’s pension value, which is likely reasonably high (that’s an error) and I’d estimate at $65,000 (sweet, that’s an awesome find)…Finds like this are likely why you see I said in my last post we were lucky enough to stumble to where we are.

(5) That HELOC was borrowed to invest, and is invested in the Real Estate Investment Loan and the RRSP Real Estate Investment. The great part with the RRSP’s is we had a $44,000 tax refund, which paid odd lines and effectively pays 2-3 years of interest on the HELOC, providing a cost of capital for the investments of $0.

(6) The MBNA cards are zero percent interest and we’ve used them to acquire real estate over time – including the investment property pre-sale noted above. On cost of funds of a minuscule amount (zero interest, but a 50 bps fee on balance transfers), a return of $40,000 – $50,000 already is awesome and you can see why I’d think leverage isn’t always bad. We also have sufficient funds in the personal lines that have a zero balance.

I’ve also recently signed up to join the J. Money, of Budgets are Sexy: Million Dollar Club Challenge.

Million Dollar Club

How I intend to do it, each year:

March - Millionaire To Do List

I will be updating this list each time I update our personal net-worth tracker.

I believe that we can significantly improve our savings rate and increase the invested amount to between $100,000 and $150,000 per annum.

All of this investing will be done with the above mentioned WEALTHSIMPLE until such time as that doesn’t make sense. I will continue to update how that investment is growing and how the experience with WEALTHSIMPLE goes.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions as the Frugals embark on this journey, please let me know.

Mr. Happy Frugaler

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