Mr. Happy Frugaler, Ms. Frugaler and our two little Frugalers have been heavy consumers for years. 

Somehow, we’ve found ourselves in a decent spot, despite this heavy consumerism. 

Unfortunately, the way we overcame it was largely Mr. Happy Frugaler killing himself with relentless work and stress to earn more and more money. While “killing himself” may seem extreme, the Doctor results definitely didn’t make him feel good! 

Mr. Happy Frugaler decided to finally listen to his genius wife, Ms. Frugaler, and start to think about the Debit side of the Income Statement, instead of simply attempting to earn more income (Credits)… Yes, Mr. and Ms. Frugaler are accountants. 

Please join us on our journey to Financial Independence and a net worth of $2.5 million, which we believe is our life retirement number (J. Money, can I trade-mark that like you did life wealth ratio)?


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