Net worth update 

In our March net worth update, we indicated our net worth was $1,081,000.  I indicated that our home was estimated at a value of $1,250,000 and felt that may be slightly high.  Since that valuation, we listed our home for $1.35 million and sold for $1.6 million. Assuming closing costs of $75,000, we estimate we […]

When Freedom 55 may be 46.5!

More and more lately, I’m tired. Exhausted actually, and somewhat concerned for my health (Sacrifice – What would you be willing to do?). It got me thinking today, why do I want to retire at 45 and take a step back? Many people wonder what I will do, how I’ll live life and say “I’m […]

What would you be willing to do??? 

In your journeys to FI, do many of you put in more hours at work than the average person would find reasonable?  Do you sometimes question why you do that?  Personally, work has been extremely challenging for probably fifteen years now, though rewarding in its own ways and now it’s getting even harder.  Why, you […]

September Net Worth Update

Update of our Net Worth from June 2015. Life at home and at work has been busy and there hasn’t been much time to update our net worth, which is unfortunate. While it would be great to be able to update each month, I am focused on my career and family, which bring in the net worth […]