What I’m Reading in 2018

I recently read that Wealth is Knowledge and I consistently read the Farnam Street Blog each week. If you are trying to grow your knowledge, and net worth, and not reading this blog, you need to make a change. In fact, I recently signed up for, and am now taking, the Art of Focus, which is […]

2017 Net Worth Update

It’s been 3 quarters since I updated my blog – horrible, and I promise to be better in 2018, but I will be blogging about something different. Last year, I anticipated that our net worth would not grow materially, and suggested that we would hit $2.1 million, which was based on an expectation that most […]

Q1 2017 update – incremental gains

We have had an incremental increase in our net worth (+$30,000) resulting from a lift in the value of one of our future income properties. Without further ado: We marked up the value of our second presale unit given the increasing heat in the Vancouver condominium market. Ms. Frugaler had additional room in her RRSP […]

$1,667,000 and falling up???

Well, it has been a good quarter with our net worth tracking at $1.67 million. Not much to say on this one. Our investments are ticking on at a great return and there has been some further investment. The overall growth in assets has continued to expand significantly with debt plateauing: What is relevant for this […]

June 2016 Net Worth Update

To say it has been a crazy year for our net worth would be an understatement: In March we were excited to achieve the Million Dollar net worth level. On May 21, 2016 I updated that we had sold our home for well above what we had been carrying it in our net worth, which […]